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I am over the moon to introduce you to this sacred addition to my body of work for healers and helpers. If you’re seeing this, the Divine is inviting you into an opportunity for nourishing your mind, body and soul so you can receive and serve abundantly!

aerial somatic healing

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Aerial Somatic Healing is a little piece of heaven on earth–a moment to pause the intensity of life by entering a silk cocoon of fabric simulating a weightless womb-like experience allowing you to receive a transmission of safety and connection, providing deep nourishment for your precious nervous system. 

Guided and held literally and energetically by an entrained practitioner in the somatic swing, your body system will be invited to begin unwinding tension patterns clearing stored pain, stress and distortion patterns creating an experience of melting, softening and opening.

The Aerial Somatics process integrates the art and science of effective healing modalities including Cranial Sacral Therapy, Thai Massage, Acro Yoga Therapeutics, Structural Integration and Somatic Bodywork and I weave in my expertise in shadow work, inner child healing, breathwork, intuitive sensing, energy/frequency medicine and abundance activation as appropriate in each session.

Simultaneously healing and integrating, the intention of this work is to invite you to remember your innate wisdom and return to authentic alignment and wholeness. This can naturally translate into life outside sessions as upgraded experiences of confidence, clarity, creativity, knowingness-intuition, peace, compassion, abundance and more!

WHAT IS AERIAL                      healing?



Aerial Somatic work is slow, gentle, intentional and typically relaxing even though significant transformation is happening. It's not uncommon for there to be emotional release ranging from orgasmic bliss, to deep grief and/or sacred rage and it's also ok if you just feel content, neutral or possibly numb. 

Your body is wise and we honor it all.

Your role is to show up willing to trust the process and practice entering a state of receptivity and surrender. 

This is *not* aerial yoga. You will enter the somatic swing to be held in the womb-like cocoon and as your practitioner I will guide you each step of the way by gently holding, pulling, pushing and rocking the swing and your body. 

We'll be in close communication the whole session to ensure your sense of connection and safety during the experience. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we honor silence. Each session is yours and unravels in a gorgeous rhythm of the present moment and what is needed.


This experience can provide profound relaxation, body awareness, emotional regulation, resourcing, grounding, nervous system regulation, relational / attachment healing, trauma resolution and/or expansive transformation and evolution to name a few. 

I offer this work to therapists, healers and helpers exclusively because I know you need a place to be held. After experiencing this work myself for years, I noticed the expanded resilience of my nervous system and capacity to hold the ups and downs of life more gracefully and I am delighted to be able to share this experience with you now too.

Remember, when your nervous system is relaxed and well resourced you are capable of moving from surviving to thriving-- activating more joy, peace, abundance, health, love and service. You have the capacity to tap into miracle consciousness and begin co-creating a reality that is deeply fulfilling.

Aerial Somatics helps you live in a body that trusts life and your ability to surrender to being, doing and having what is meant for you. This is where true abundance is available.


WHy AERIAL                     Healing?

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Meet Your Aerial  Practitioner

Meet Your
Aerial                       Practitioner

Welcome, Healer… I'm Keri Nola. My favorite super power is merging the soulful with the strategic and I love dancing and playing on my yoga swing just as much I adore checking inspired actions off of my to-do list.

After over a decade of building and maintaining a successful and profitable practice as a Licensed Psychotherapist specializing in a holistic approach to trauma healing, I retired and expanded the expression of my gifts into the realms of Best Selling Author, Podcaster, Radio Show Host and Founder of the Abundance Activator for Healing Entrepreneurs and most recently Aerial Somatics Entrained Practitioner. Today I have a global practice mentoring therapists, coaches, helpers and healers through my membership community, retreats, immersions and somatic sessions as they relax the hustle and grind and anchor into a frequency of abundant flow while they serve.

It would be an honor to be a part of your support team if you feel the call to the frequency of me and my creations.





Gina Janc, LMFT

"Keri's Aerial Somatic sessions are deeply healing and restorative. The sensation of floating initially feels a bit disorienting but Keri's warmth and reassurance creates a sense of safety allowing you to melt into the experience. What I love most is the integration that takes place both in the cocoon and in the days following. I notice myself being more attuned to my intuition, dreams and synchronicities. My journey into Aerial Somatics has just begun and I'm excited for the healing and integration that will continue to unfold."

"I haven’t felt the sensation of weightlessness in a long time. I’m a healer, partner, brother, friend, son and so many other identities where I give and hold so much to support those I love. The aerial somatic session I had with Keri returned me to the womb where I reset and remembered how expansive I am. My container is bigger now. My heart is more expanded. I feel so powerful like I can hold the weight of the world again…but it doesn’t weigh me down as a burden because I remember the incredible strength of love."

LB, Healer & Intuitive Coach

"Last week I experienced my first Aerial Somatics session with Keri. I’ve tried aerial yoga in the past and got dizzy. This was a completely different experience and she created such a peaceful and supportive space that I felt safe to relax and let go."

ES, Wellness Advocate

The Aerial Somatics healing space is intentionally curated with your nervous system as the highest priority.

Join me in the Aerial Somatics cocoon in my North County San Diego (Carlsbad, California) based healing studio where you will be welcomed with soft lighting, relaxing sounds, delicious aromatherapy scents, cozy blankets, fuzzy socks, crystals, oracle cards and warm herbal tea by request. 

the                      space


Sessions are available for advanced booking. Due to high demand and limited availability there may be up to a 6-8 week wait, if I am taking new clients. 

Click the button below to email your request to schedule and my team will reply with availability and next steps if I have openings.

I look forward to co-creating a magical experience with you!

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From time to time I offer Aerial Somatic Group Sessions that are open to the community for registration and I also customize private somatic ceremonies for groups of healers and individuals.

These are potent opportunities to immerse yourself in nervous system healing and upgrading in unique and special ways. If this calls to you, click below to contact me and my team will be in touch with more details.

                   Group Sessions & Private Ceremonies

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